WordPress Ping List 2016 – Fast automated indexing at your fingertips

2 thoughts on “WordPress Ping List 2016 – Fast automated indexing at your fingertips”

  1. Aryan Arya says:

    this is too good. Thanx a lot for sharing this list.
    Just wondering to know, when we publish a post and wordpress pings these services – is there a way to know and see which ones have been pinged succesfully and which ones not. I mean, is there any log within wordpress where we can find out this.
    Thanx anyways for the list.

    1. Gerhard Homveld says:

      Hi Aryan

      Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t provide a log to show which posts have been pinged, but that doesn’t mean WordPress isn’t pinging your posts. Simply follow the instructions on this blog post, add the ping list to your WordPress website.

      Every time you click on “Publish” (after writing a post), WordPress automatically activates it’s “Auto Update” service, which draws the list of sites to ping in your database. By default, WordPress only comes with 1 URL to ping. The problem is that you need your blog posts to be pinged and indexed by search crawlers faster – so by adding all of the ping URLs from this list, all your blog posts will be pinged to multiple services after you hit “Publish”. This means faster and automated indexing.

      Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


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